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Introduction of the new Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement

New joint Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement to be introduced


The NZ construction industry has been using a NZ Standard -NZS4202 The Standard Method of Building Works – as a guideline for the measurement of building works since 1986. NZS4202 was last updated in 1995 and requires a major update to meet current industry practices and Standards New Zealand requirements.

Rather than updating NZS4202, the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS) and Registered Master Builders Association of NZ (RMBA) are introducing a new industry guideline for the method of measurement in February 2018.

This method of measurement is a joint Australia and NZ industry guideline based on the Australian Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works (6th Edition) and will be called the Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement 2018 (ANZSMM 2018).

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and company so that the industry is aware of this change in the method of measurement.

How was this method of measurement chosen?

An industry steering group met in 2016-2017 to investigate the options available for a method of measurement guide in NZ. These options included:

1.       Keeping NZS4202 as is

2.       Updating NZS4202 and keeping as a NZ Standard

3.       Developing a new industry standard

4.       Adopting an existing international standard

The steering group included representatives from NZIQS, RMBA, New Zealand Institute of Building, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and Specialist Trade Contractors Federation, as well as quantity surveyors from consultant and contractor firms.

After consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of each option, the steering group recommended the adoption of the Australian Method of Measurement of Building Works (ASMM6) as a basis for a joint Australia/New Zealand Method of Measurement.

This recommendation has been endorsed by:

  • New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  • Registered Master Builders Association of NZ
  • New Zealand Institute of Building
  • Specialist Trade Contractors Federation


Joint trans-Tasman method of measurement

The owners of the Australian Standard Methods of Measurement; Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and Master Builders Australia Limited, agreed there was benefit in having a joint Australia-NZ industry guideline.

Changes have been made to the current Australian Method of Measurement of Building Works (6th Edition) to better suit NZ industry practices resulting in a new joint industry guideline for both countries: the Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement 2018 (ANZSMM 2018).


Key benefits of new trans-Tasman method of measurement

  • The ANZSMM 2018 is a clearer document with less opportunity for ‘grey’ areas. It gives contractors more certainty of what they are pricing and will work well in the NZ industry
  • ANZSMM 2018 is similar to the RICS New Rules of Measurement2 used in the UK and internationally recognised
  • A common method of measurement makes it easier for NZ and Australian companies to complete work across the Tasman
  • The ‘landscape’ tabulated format style is easy to follow and used internationally
  • The guideline will be owned by the respective NZ and Australian QS institutes and Master Builders Associations allowing for more frequent updates


What does the ANZSMM 2018 look like?

The ANZSMM 2018 has a tabulated format which is widely adopted internationally. It is divided into 37 Sections. These are similar to the sections in NZS4202 although there are some differences.

Section 1 covers the Introduction, General Rules and Recommendations and the remaining sections relate to separate packages of work continuing the scope, definitions and measuring rules specifically for that section.

Two new sections relevant to NZ Conditions have been added to the current ASMM6:

#38 Fire Protection

#39 Included Sums

See ANZSMM 2018 Table of Contents here

See sample chapter from current ASMM6: #5 Piling here


NZ Guidance Notes

There are some differences in terminology and practices between NZ and Australia. The new ANZSMM 2018 includes some changes and the addition of the two new sections as above from ASMM6.

A NZ Guidance Notes for ANZSMM 2018 will highlight any substantial differences (including terminology used) and provide guidance on how to use ANZSMM 2018 specifically for NZ conditions.

The Guidance Notes will be shipped with orders of ANZSMM 2018 and also be available free to download on the NZIQS website. These Guidance Notes will be updated as required.


ANZSMM 2018 Launch Timing

The ANZSMM 2018 will be available from mid-February. You can pre-order your copy here.


NZIQS will be arranging workshops, webinars and online tutorials to assist QS and others in the industry on how to use the new ANZSMM 2018. More details will be available soon.


QS Tertiary Courses

The QS diploma and degree courses will introduce ANZSMM 2018 as a method of measurement to students in 2018. Some may also teach NZS4202 alongside in 2018.

Students will be able to access all of the training resources provided by NZIQS and pre-order copies of ANZSMM 2018 for delivery in mid-February.



CostX will be supporting the ANZSMM 2018 with a Phraseology Library file available, free to download for clients under maintenance. For more information please contact 


Ordering Copies of ANZSMM 2018

Free Copy for NZIQS qualified members

A free copy of ANZSMM 2018 will be sent to all NZIQS members who reside in NZ with the following memberships: Affiliate, Graduate, MNZIQS, Associate, Fellow and Life.

You do not need to order this – your free copy will be sent automatically once they are printed. However please login to the NZIQS website and check your details online to make sure we have the correct postal address:

Other NZIQS members can order copies from our online shop at the special discounted prices for a limited time.

Affiliate, Graduate, MNZIQS, Associate, Fellow and Life members may order additional copies for their companies at the member’s price.


Pricing (incl. GST)



Special Introductory
 NZIQS Members  $80 $40
 Non-members $95 $50







How to order

Delivery will be available from mid-February 2018.

You can pre-order your copy from our online shop for delivery once they are printed.


  • Members will need to log in to obtain member pricing
  • Payment is required at the time of order


Tertiary bookstores and Company Bulk Orders

Please contact ANZSMM Orders or 04 4735521 for special pricing for bulk orders over 10 copies.



Download the ANZSMM 2018 FAQ sheet for more information about the introduction of ANZSMM 2018.

For order queries of ANZSMM 2018 please email NZIQS Publications or call our office on 08004 NZIQS or 04 473 5521.

For other queries Please contact the NZIQS Executive Director, Marilyn Moffatt.