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Student Membership





This student membership category is for people:

  • who are not currently studying or 
  • may be working in the quantity surveying profession or
  • have an interest in quantity surveying or 
  • may not be eligible for any other membership category or   
  • are applying from overseas   

There is an annual fee of $80 for this membership.

If you are living overseas please read the International membership page information before applying.

If you meet the conditions set out above you can apply online:


Apply in writing

If you wish to apply in writing rather than online - please download, complete and send the following application form Student Membership Form.

Where do I send my Application?

We will write confirming your application, and give you an indication of when the Membership Committee will consider your application.


Upgrade from Student Studying to Student Membership status

If you are currently a Student Studying member but now meet the criteria detailed above, you can apply to upgrade to Student membership status.

You can apply online to upgrade your membership.  You will then need to log in to this Members Only page.

Please note:
 NZIQS requires evidence of your completed qualifications when upgrading your membership.  Also, if you are a member of another QS institute, you will need to provide evidence of this.  Prior to filling out this on-line form we recommend that you gather these documents and add them in to your file directory on your computer or device.

If you would prefer to apply to upgrade to student membership in writing, please complete the Student Membership Form and send back to us.