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Applying for Member - MNZIQS status


If you have been either a Graduate or an Affiliate Member for at least 2 years, you can apply for full membership of the NZIQS. 

Who can become a full member of NZIQS?

To be granted Member (MNZIQS) status you must:
  • have been either a Graduate or an Affiliate Member for at least 2 years and
  • hold a New Zealand tertiary qualification in quantity surveying as approved by Council and
  • provide evidence of relevant QS work experience; either 3 years after completion of the National Diploma or 2 years after completion of a QS degree and
  • relevant QS work must include 12 months of quantity surveying work in New Zealand and
  • pass an Interview for Qualified Members
If you have completed your qualifications in New Zealand, you must hold one of these:
  • Bachelor of Construction (Construction Economics) - Unitec
  • Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying) - Massey University
  • National Diploma of Quantity Surveying
  • New Zealand Diploma in Construction (QS Strand)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Construction (QS) - Massey University

Overseas applicants may be granted MNZIQS status if they have:

  • completed an overseas quantity surveying qualification (see below) as approved by Council and
  • completed at least 3 years full time quantity surveying related work experience following completion of approved qualification and
  • completed a minimum of one year in a quantity surveying role in New Zealand and
  • passed an interview after approval by Council.

Overseas quantity surveying qualifications approved by Council are:

If you are currently living overseas please see the International membership page for more information on applying

Can I be a Member if I do not meet all these criteria?

In special circumstances the Council may approve for membership of a person who does not meet all the required criteria. The special circumstances include evidence of particular and appropriate quantity surveying work experience as well as the applicant's standing in the profession of quantity surveying. 


MNZIQS Interview

Once a candidate has been approved by Council to be considered for MNZIQS they must firstly pass an online NZIQS Code of Conduct test and then be interviewed by a panel of members.  Applicants must also pass an Interview and be approved by Council. 

NZIQS Code of Conduct test instructions

Interview for Qualified Members


Registered Quantity Surveyor

As a Member (MNZIQS), you can also then seek the further qualification of Registered Quantity Surveyor


I am a current member of NZIQS and want to upgrade my membership to Member (MNZIQS) status

You can apply online to upgrade your membership.  You will then need to log in to this Members Only page.

Please note:
 NZIQS requires evidence of your completed qualifications, your CV and a written reference when upgrading membership.  If you are a member of another QS institute, you will need to provide evidence of this.  Prior to filling out this on-line form we recommend that you gather these documents and add them in to your file directory on your computer or device.

Or if you would rather apply to upgrade to Qualified membership status in writing, please download and complete this form below and send back to us.

Application form for Qualified Membership

Where do I send my application and when will I hear whether it has been accepted?

I am not currently a member of NZIQS but want to apply for Member (MNZIQS) status

If you are a new or rejoining member of NZIQS you can apply or re-apply for membership on-line.  Click the button to start


If you want to apply in writing and you are a new or rejoining member then please download this application form Member Application Form.