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NZIQS Webinars

NZIQS are introducing a series of webinars for our members. No matter where you live in New Zealand, or around the world, you can join one of our webinar sessions to learn more about a range of topics that relate to the latest quantity surveying information,industry issues or for your personal development.

Webinars save you time and money - you take part from your computer or mobile device.

Scheduled Webinars
Past Webinar Recordings
What is a Webinar
How to take part in a Webinar


Scheduled Webinars

If you have ideas for subjects for future webinars emails Alana

Past Webinar Recordings

International Construction Measurement Standards

Proudly sponsored by NZIQS Platinum Partner Exactal

Presented by Paul Bunkall, Life Member NZIQS and Johnathan Mudrovcic, Product Specialist at Exactal

International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) is a new, high-level benchmarking and reporting framework for international cost classification, reporting and comparison.

ICMS is a not a detailed method of measuring construction works, rather it aims to provide greater global consistency in classifying, defining, measuring, analysing and presenting costs.

Join Paul and Jonathan to learn more about ICMS:

What is ICMS?

·         What problem is ICMS trying to solve?

·         What are the benefits of having ICMS?

·         Where will ICMS be used?

·         How can they be applied and other technical queries?

·         What’s next?

CCA Retentions Regime

Presented by Peter Degerholm, Calderglen Associates

A new CCA retention regime has been in force for around 4 months. How well is it understood? What are the practical issues?

Cyber Risks sponsored by LPMS

Presented by Liam Promfret, National Cyber Practice Leader at Aon NZ

Cyber Risk now features in the top 5 risk to businesses.  This presentation will explain the emerging threats faced by New Zealand businesses and how the insurance industry is assisting companies to manage and transfer the risks.

Consultants now captured by the Construction Contracts Act (CCA)

Presented by Arie Moore, Senior Associate, Kensington Swan

Are you a consultant who carries out quantity surveying work in relation to construction in New Zealand? 

If so, it is almost certain that from 1 September 2016 any engagement you have entered into for such services will be covered by the Construction Contracts Act 2002 (CCA).  This has far-reaching implication for your rights and obligations.


Safety in Design: A Quantity Surveyors perspective based on the new Health & Safety at Work Act

Presented by Nathanael Sterling, Risk Management, Beca Ltd

New Zealand has initiated a significant change in the health and safety with the new Health and Safety at Work Act which came into force in April 2016.  The main purpose of the Act is to provide for a balanced framework to secure the health and safety of workers and workplaces/

One of the key areas of interest in the industry has been the inclusion of responsibilities on designers and other upstream duty holders.  The Act requires designers and clients to consider the identification and management of health and safety risk through the future phases of a project life-cycle from construction through to disposal.

This presentation will cover the presenter's experience in the application of safety in design on infrastructure and building projects, with specific consideration to relevance for Quantity Sureyors.

How to Increase Profits and Improve Business Efficiency

Presented by Stewart Ellison, National Account Manager of WorkflowMax - a Xero product

Learn how to:

  • Value your work and demonstrate this value to clients
  • Understand exactly where your practice makes and loses money
  • Boost your practice with the right tools to increase profits

"We had been searching for a considerable time for a suitable system to track timesheets, job hours and billing.  We were very impressed with the versatility of WorkflowMax and it's Xero integration.  It quickly became obvious WorkflowMax was right for our business.  We now have greater control over our billings, job costings and debt recovery." - John Moore, Director Kingstons QS

Professional Indemnity Insurance Webinar

Presented by Ross Meijer, Senior Executive Director Aon New Zealand

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a fact of life for most professionals offering a service.  This webinar is a chance to learn about the general concepts and issues around Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Ross's presentation will also include recent case studies and help you learn how the policy works.

Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 Webinar

Presented by Martin Laurs, Occupational Health and Safety Trainer, Business Central Wellington

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 will be enacted on 4th April 2016.  Understand the key principles and the process of due diligence as it applies to health and safety.

Price Fixing Agreements Under the Commerce Act - What you need to know?

Presented by Nicky Beechey and Daire Queenan from the Commerce Commission

  • what is happening in the marketplace
  • unlawful price fixing
  • bid-rigging practices, what you need to know to detect and deter

Photoluminescent Solutions

Learn how photoluminescent solutions can equate up to 75% savings

Learn about the benefits of photoluminescent solutions versus battery or electrically powered options in emergency and escape path lighting. Benefits that can equal cost savings for your client of up to 75% along with offering a sustainable environmentally friendly solution.Also an update on what you need to know on the requirements under the building code NZBC F8 Signs & NZBC F6 Visibility in Escape Routes – how these signs need to perform in the event of a power failure or emergency situation? 

How quantity surveyors can get the most out of BIM

Session 1- An Introduction to BIM: The Ideal. 

This will be an introduction to BIM for quantity surveyors; both in a general sense and involving CostX.

Session 2-Utilising BIM: The Reality. 

This will cover how to get bespoke measurements from the BIM model, in a variety of different ways.

Public Sector Procurement - Ministry of Education Perspective

Presented by Dean Hollis, Procurement Manager, Ministry of Education

All recordings is free and available to NZIQS members only. If you'd like to view the recording please email:

What is a Webinar?

Short for Web-based seminar, a Webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is broadcast to an audience through their computers via the Internet.

Participants can view on their own computer screen what the speaker shows on his/her screen (usually PowerPoint, videos, web pages or other content).

You can take part in a webinar anywhere in the world-as long as you have internet access.

There are even apps that enable you to participate from your phone or tablet (iPhone and Android).

The audio part of a webinar is broadcast through the audience’s computers (using headset or speakers) or through the telephone. There is no cost for using a headset/speaker but toll charges do apply if you dial in using a telephone line.

The audience can ask questions using an instant messaging tool or by requesting to speak through their microphone.

Sometimes you may also see an image of the presenter from a web camera (just like Skype) in a corner of your screen-however NZIQS webinars won’t usually show the presenter image. The audience is not seen on screen, nor can we hear you. Unless you ask us to unmute your line so you can ask a question.

Webinars are ideal for short training sessions and usually last one hour.

How to take part in a webinar

You can take part in a Webinar anywhere that you have a computer with an internet connection and a web browser (read Webinar system requirement details).

Once you have registered for a webinar, you will receive an email with a unique link to join the webinar at the scheduled time. This allows you to see what has been shared on screen.

You can listen to the presenter by using

  • a usb headset (for best audio quality) or 
  • computer microphone and speakers or 
  • a standard phone line (note normal toll charges apply)

Each link is unique and can only be used by one person to join the webinar. The link identifies the person who registered and so records can be kept of who attended the webinar.


Webinars can be very interactive. Usually there will be polls you can click on screen to answer, question breaks and a survey at the end.

By default, the audience is connected to the webinar with their line muted (that means your background noise won’t disrupt the webinar). You can send in questions for the presenters to answer via a question tool at any time during the webinar. At a question break you can also request that your line is unmuted to ask a question. However we suggest you only do this if you are confident your sound quality is good and there are no background noises.

There is also a chat box where you can send in any comments or notes to the webinar organiser.

Watching as a group

You can watch a webinar together in one room. One person needs to register for the webinar and then use the link they were given to join the session. Set up your screen so everyone can see and use good quality sound system so that everyone can hear. You can’t use a headset in a group situation as only one person will hear.

One person needs to be the ‘controller’ – they sit at the keyboard and can type in questions that the rest of the group want to answer.

How do I register for a NZIQS webinar?

Register online via the "Register Now" button on the information page or email about each webinar. You will receive an email confirming your registration and giving you a link to join the webinar.. There is also a link on your confirmation email to add the webinar (with the joining link details) as an appointment in your Outlook calendar.

You will receive automatic email reminders at least one day and one hour before the webinar starts. 

How do I join in the webinar?

About 5 - 10 minutes before the start of the webinar, click on the link to join from your confirmation or reminder emails, or from the Outlook appointment. Note the link given is unique to the email address you registered with.

After logging in a small plugin is downloaded to your computer. The first time you join a webinar it may take a while to connect, the next time it will be quicker.

Check your audio connection is working (you can hear) on the Audi Settings on the control panel.

Join a session from a mobile device

Open the GoToMeeting app for Android or GoToMeeting app for iOS. If you don't already have the app installed, you can easily download the free mobile apps.

 If you know the 9-digit session ID (on your confirmation email), you can join the session by simply opening the GoToMeeting app and entering your name and the session ID. Or, you can tap the Join URL in your GoToMeeting's invitation email to automatically join.


The webinars will be recorded. If you registered for the webinar but missed the live session you will be sent a link to access the webinar recording within a few days.

Recordings may also be available to register for and view after the session.

Your first webinar?

Some things to do before you join your first webinar

Test your connection

It is highly recommended that you test your ability to join a webinar session well in advance of trying to join your first one so you can sort out any issues that arise, e.g. audio. A live session is available for testing 24/7

Webinar System Requirements

Check that you have the right systems, hardware and audio equipment to join a Webinar

Webinar Attendee Guide
Trouble shooting and more information