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Student Member CV's


Student members who have recently completed their study or are looking for work while they are studying can now upload their CV's on to the NZIQS website, and employers wishing to offer work experience, can search the CVs looking for candidates.

To upload and manage your CV
  1. Log in to the website (click the 'lock' at the top right hand corner of the page and provide your Username and Password to log in).  
  2. Then go to the main top menu - Become A QS / Search CV's / Manage Your CV and follow the instructions to upload your CV.  


I have not previously registered to access the Members Only section of the website

Follow the instructions on our members only page to register and then log in.


Looking to employ someone who has recently completed their study in quantity surveying or wanting to provide work experience in quantity surveying? Student members have uploaded their CVs on to our website along with a short biography of their education and experience.

In the search box below, you can search one of three ways.

Location Search            Input the name of the city or region you wish to find candidates from.  (Note - if you want to see CVs for people who are willing to
work anywhere in NZ, instead of inputting name of city or region, please input 'Any').  Press 'search' and a list of CV's will appear. 

Keyword Search This will search the biography sections that the students have set up. We advise students to include keywords that are likely to be
searched by employers, For example words relating to education, skills, experience or the type of work they are looking for.  Press 'search' and a list of CV's will appear. 

Search 'All' If you wish to look at all the CVs that have been uploaded, leave the search box blank and press 'search' to see the full list.  


In order to see the 'short profile' of the CVs in your search results - hover your cursor over the CV file, and the short biography of relevant skills and experience will appear.  

To download a CV, please click on the file name that appears and the CV will download.

NZIQS makes no assurances about the suitability of any candidates. Please report any inappropriate content to

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